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Monday, 24 March 2014


I am Kalyan, a 20 year boy. The incident I will narrate happened some 5 mtnhs ago. It is about my Teacher, Miss Mounika and me. Everybody in our class, including girls, were her big fan. She was so approachable and cordial and seemed to understand our problems. She is beautiful happened to be just another plus point for her. I, too, worshipped her. It was during summer camp that her true colours came to my knowledge. Actually, she asked me to erect her tent and when it was erected she poked my friends that I didnt help them in tent erection. When my friends were pulling my leg, she intervened and said No problem, Kalyan will be with me in my tent. Truthfully, I didnt want to to be there as I thought I would be missing out gossip of my friends but after every friend denied me entry to their tents, I was left with no option but to be with Miss Mounika. In early evening hours she cheered me up and said, Kalyan, dont you worry, your friends will allow you from tomorrow. After dinner we played dumb charades and then Miss Mounika called it a day. It had been hectic day and soon lamps of every tent was out. Miss Mounika, too, put off the lamp and asked me as to how was the day for me. I said it was good and I enjoyed a lot. She talked for sometime regarding next days activities that she had planned while I tucked myself in my bedding. She then asked me to close my eyes till she reverses her command and kept on repeating it. It naturally made me curious and thinking that in just moonlight she could not make out wether or not I am obeying her, I kept my eyes open. My heart skipped a beat when she started to undress. Of course her back was towards me but I could make out her figure as she slowly removed her pullovers, then shirt and then jeans. I gulped and this was too much for me. My dick revolted inside my underwear (I had not changed ) and my breathing was heavy. Mounika Miss, continued talking about her plans to make this camping a learning cum fun filled programme. I just kept on replying in mono syllabe as my voice would have quivered. She then removed her bra, and from side I could see her boobs, she rubbed her boobs before putting on a long T shirt type thing which went down upto her ass and perhaps few inches below it. She then untied her hairs and started brushing it with her fingers, from forehead to back. Once done, she suddenly asked me Kalyan how is it . I gulped and kept mum, she again softly asked how do you feel here . I could barely manage good . She then went under her blanket and asked me you dont change before sleeping, Kalyan and then said now for sound sleep, you should change into something more comfortable . There was some sort of command and I had to change. As I put down my jeans, a huge bulge was there in my jockeys. I tried to make it fast so that Mounika Miss doesnt see it but she surely did ( she told me later ). I changed into my bermudas and a T shirt. The effect of what I saw was still there and the huge bulge was still there. As I again tucked myself inside my blanket, Mounika Miss softly said, Kalyan, my legs are paining, I hope you will not mind if I ask you to massage my legs for few minutes . Her request were so commanding that I went to her bedding. She asked me to sit and gave me a moisturiser. I started to massage her feet when she very softly, barely audible, asked me to massage upto her calf. She put both the legs on my lap and they were inches away from my dick and her legs gently rubbed my bare legs as I massaged. I was getting more and more excited and I out reached my limits when I went upto her knees. Her smooth, velvety skin was arousing me more but my dick was maximum hard and the head was rubbing against my bermuda and giving me pleasure. She was continuously saying ohh god, what a relief aaaahhh Kalyan, you got magical hands . She increased my pleasure when occasionally her feet started to touch my dick. After a while she again softly said oh! Kalyan it was so good, please do me a favor, please massage my hands also . She shifted aside to accomodate me there. I changed my position and as I settled there she said ummmm, you smell so bad, why dont you boys use deo, Kalyan, go and bring that box, I dont have deo but I brought some aromatic oil . I gave her the box and she took some oil into her palms and said come here . I went near her crawling, so that she doesnt come to know about my bulge. She then asked me to lift my T shirt and then she rubbed the oil on my chest, stomach and shoulders. I had goosebums all over my body as she gently rubbed. She then, while rubbing, touched my nipples and for quite some time, sometimes with her palms and sometime with her fingers played around with my nipples. I was finding it difficult to breathe. Before moving down to stomach she tweaked my nipples two three times and softly said, are you feeling cold, you got goosebums all over . She then poured some more oil and rubbed it on my thighs, her hands were so near to my balls yet so far. I wanted her to touch them but she elluded it. She then breathed heavily and said, now you smell good, now please massage my hands . She turned away from me and she asked me to be fully inside the blanket and from inside only massage her. I started massaging her, keeping distance from her to avoid poking her with my dick. My fingers could occasionaly feel the suppleness of her boobs and I wanted to end my ordeal, shake my dick and get the heavenly pleasure of masterbation. She gave another shock to me when she suddenly turned and that caused my hand totally over her boobs, it lasted for few seconds only, but I will never forget the softness and a little hard pin poking my palms. Her nipples were erect and poked me like a pin. She turned towards me, narrowing the gap, rubbing her legs with mine on pretext of adjusting herself. Her face was inches away from my chest as she exotically whispered Kalyan, please do it . I started to massage her other hand when suddenly her hand fell over my hard dick. She acted as if shocked and gripping my dick she said oh my god, all this time you were thinking dirty about me, your teacher Kalyan . She didnt leave my dick but instead her hands slided inside my bermuda and firmly gripping it she started lecturing me Kalyan, you are also one of those bad boys, I thought you to be a good boy and blah blah blah . I was in cloud nine as she was gently jerking my dick and one of her leg was totally over mine and I could feel her pubic hairs rubbing and some wetness on my legs. I wanted a immediate release and stretched myself and moaned ummmmmm aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh uuunnnnnnnnnneeemmmmm . She continued to call me bad boy but continued with her hand job. In pleasure, I put both my hands below my head as Mounika Miss, resting her body on one elbow and pressing one of her boob on my body raised her feet and held the bermuda with fingers and started pulling it down. I raised my pelvic and helped her as she increased the pace of jerking and simultaneously took my leg between her legs and rubbed her pussy. I peaked and she sensed it, she very timely removed the blanket and I shot my cum vertically upwards. I was feeling so relaxed. Mounika miss then said you dirty boy, you dared to spit on me, now I will make you clean my body as your punishment, you will have to lick your spit and clean me . She then lyed down beside me and said cleam me now. I had understood that she will not mind if even I fucked her and immediately came on top of her and desperately removed her garment. I attacked her nipples and started sucking them. She combed my hairs with her fingers and started moaning softly ohhhhhhh karaaaaaannnn doooonnnttttt dooo thissssss to youur teaaaacherrrrr ummmmm . She pulled me up and I had my first kiss. Her tongue played with my entire mouth and then she thrust her tongue and asked me to suck it. I enjoyed doing it. She then expertly guided me down to her pussy and instinctively I licked it and sucked it. She kept on guiding me to all her body parts and ended finally on her smooth armpits. I was a quick learner and played around with my tongue. She then whispered, fuckkkkk me nowww Kalyanjjj you have made me hottttt and do it slowly. I entered her warm alleys and my dick experienced the heaven. As I started to grind her furiously, she checked me and said go sloooowwwww vabyyyyyy ummmm doooonnttttt spoooillllll ittttttt aaaahhhhh. I then gently rocked her boat with steady thrust, almost fully pulling out and then slowly going the entire way down. She was continuously licking my ears and breathing hot. She was in a way controlling my speed bcoz her both legs were on my legs, not allowing me to raise myself and only my pelvic movement was possible. She made me suck her nipples, kissed me as gradually her moaning became steady. She was gradually releasing pressure of my legs and then finally I raised her legs to get that uninterrupted access to her pussy and started to pump her at rapid pace, still fully pulling out and then ramming her down. She moaned and then she pulled me down and came on top of me. Her pelvic movement was juicing me out as her one hand rested on my chest and the other played with herself. I felt she was pissing as my pubic was getting wet, she held both the boobs and moaned ummmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh. She asked me to fuck her with all my might. I again put her down and rammed her holding and squeezing her boobs. The only thing that intrigued me was as to why she continued to piss. I then gave her all my cum, going deep down and ejaculating fully inside her.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hi Readers. My name is Arvind and this is my first story
So to start with I was born and bought up in Bangalore and got married to a girl from Hyderabad. Both me and wife are IT professionals and we were living a normal married life.We have two kids.
My wife has two other sisters one elder and one younger.Elder sister name was Smita and younger name was Rupa.
By the time I got married to my wife her elder sister was already married and younger one has just started a job in Hyd and lived with my inlaws. Rupa had a very slim an sexy figure even though she was brown in colour.
To begin the story I always had a soft corner for Rupa as she was very nice and friendly to me and she used to be very happy when we used to visit my inlaws. She had also confided her love to guy in her office and it was me who made her parents accept the guy and they got married. All was good until after a year of her marriage I went to spend holidays at my inlaws place along with my wife and son.
Rupa had also come to stay at her parents place so that she can spend time with us and she doted on my son .But this time Rupa who was always very chubby looked bit sad.
I had a habit of spending most of my time in the room on the third floor of the house cause there was only one room and I can go up there and have a nice smoke. Rupa and my wife both knew about this and sometimes came up to tease me that I am hiding from their parents while smoking. Though my in laws knew about my smoking but due to respect their age and tradition I never used to smoke before them.
Rupa most of the time used to come upstairs to give my cup of coffee as she knew I loved my coffee along with smoke. I always used to sit on a rockig chair and she used to sit on high chair in front.We used to chit chat about life.
I asked Rupa why she was so dull. At first she said nothing like that but when I probed her a bit more. She said I don’t know how to tell but I cannot discuss this with anybody. I said chill and try telling me. She tried telling me in very indirect terms that her sex life with her husband was not going great. I knew there was a problem and genuinely wanted to help her. I asked her should I talk to Ramesh (her hubby name).
She said please never think about as her husband and her family are very orthodox in discussing such things and she didn’t want to spoil that relation.
I told her I can only help you if you tell me clearly , she said leave it and went downstairs.
Next day again when she came up to give me coffee , she said Bavagaru (in telugu) how are things between you and akka (elder sister in telugu).I said it good as you can see. She said no I mean how are things between you too as husband and wife..Now I knew she was trying to tell me her problem so I frankly told her that its good but not that great as your akka (my wife) is not so adventurous in bed. She smiled looking down and didn’t face me. I atleast go confirmed what she was trying to ask.
Knowing women in India I knew she herself will never tell me the whole story so I asked how are things between you and Ramesh. The sad look returned to her face and she said I don’t know what to say. I said if you want to say please talk and I promise it will never be told to anyone not even to your akka.She looked in my eyes as if to make sure I hold my promise and then again looked down and started talking. She said she was not sure if its right or not but when ever Ramesh starts making love it ends within minutes of starting and she thinks somewhere there is fault with Ramesh for they not having kids till now.
I was bit surprised but wanted to be sure and aksd have you guys visted a doctor? She said she once suggested but that made Ramesh fly in a rage and she would never dare to say such thing again.
I really felt sorry for my sweet SIL and I asked what do you mean it ends as soon as it starts…she was still looking down and said I don’t know how to tell and kept quiet. After few quiet minutes I asked again – IS your husband suffering from premature ejaculation. I was hoping she would get bit shocked to hear that but she she was normal and then I knew why. She said she never heard of that term.I couldn’t believe at first but then its not a surprise as indian boys and girls are forbidden to read about sex before marriage.
I took a deep breath and said what you just descried are sings of premature ejaculation , when the man comes very quickly. Now she realised what I meant and felt even more shy to look at me as I was directly talking about sex. I asked do you guys engage in forplay? Again the blank look told me that she didn’t know what I meant. I felt a bit restless now and asked directly ..did you never see any sex movies or read books about sex. She gave a shocking look at me and then realised I was sincere in my question and looked down again.
I said Rupa we are both grown up people and there is no harm in discussing. She then said – you very well know how we were grown up , we are never encouraged for such things and it was not possible in our family. I had heard this before from my wife so I knew what she meant.I said I agree but atleast I was able to teach your sister , so I hope Ramesh knows all and can teach you. Rupa said, Ramesh has same big family like ours and with three elder sisters at home he also never got a chance and even know does like her discussing sex with him.
I was stupefied and didn’t know what to do. I said to Rupa can I tell you few things? She started getting upand said please no bavagaru, I just wanted to share my burden with someone. lets leave the topic here. Ramesh has gone out for office work for two weeks and once he is back she will go back to her inlaws.
I thought if ways to help her and the next day when she came upstairs , I said Rupa I know you are not comfortable talking about such things so I have a idea. I have few movies on my laptop. You are welcome to come and watch them all alone in this room. I was not sure if she would accept even this but I think she realised this as her only chance. Again looking down she asked but what if someone finds out.I said no one would , I will be sitting here outside the room and will know if anybody is coming upstairs and will warn you.
She was very hesitant. I wet into the room, selected a movie from my porn collection and opened it. I came out and said all is ready, you just need to hit play and I have connected headset so that sound doesn’t come out. She went in and I sat outside but within five minutes I heard my wife coming upstairs and I knocked on the door warning Rupa. She came out in a rush and I can see her cheeks and eyes were showing embarrassment. I think the first two or three minutes of the movie came as a shock to her. My wife saw us sitting there and not looking at each other and enquired , I said we both are thinking about Hyderabad growing population. My wife laughed and left after some time chatting with Rupa. I thought Rupa would not want to watch the movie again but to my surprise she said please keep watch and went in again. In another ten minutes I heard my mother in law caling for Rupa. I again knocked on the door and she left hurriedly downstairs.
Sometime in the afternoon when we were alone she whispered that she doesn’t think she can ever watch one complete movie. I was glad atleast she was interested and tried to think to help her out.I said ok I will tell everyone that since its so hot I will sleep upstairs and then when everyone sleeps you can come upstairs to watch. This sounded very criminal but Rupa also understood that there may not be any other way.
That night I told my wife and inlaws that its too hot and upstairs room has nice breeze so I will sleep there. That room has only one cot and everyone agreed.I went upstairs finshed my smoke and then waited for Rupa. At around 1 in the night I heard faint knock on the door and I opened to find Rupa standing there in her night gown. I felt sorry that she had to go through all this just to watch a simple porn movie. I said I will sit outside and you go and watch peacefully. she looked bit relieved at my words as it was obvious she couldn’t watch such a movie in my presence.
I put with my pack of cigarettes and she went in and closed the doors, I said don’t bolt as I may need to use the bathroom and she agreed. After about fifteen minutes and finishing two fags I felt like using the bathroom and also the mosquitoes were sucking the blood out of me. I opened the door slightly and not wanting to disturb Rupa went silently to the washroom. The room was as usual dark with the only light coming from the laptop.But with the side of my eyes I saw Rupa intently watching the movie lying on the cot and laptop beside her. When I came out she looked directly at me and said how long will you sit outside bavagru? I said till you finish.
She asked are mosquitoes not biting you? well it as her house and she knew better. I said with a smile they are draining the blood out of me but its ok and turned towards the door.Rupa said its ok pull the chair inside and sit , I don’t want to bother you more..as such you are staying awake so that I can watch the movie. please come in. I said ok and pulled the chair inside the room in front of the cot and picked up a book and pretended to read. Rupa went back to her movie and can see she was deeply engrossed in the movie. This was a 2x movie. Once the movie finished , she said thank you very much and left the room.I slept not knowing what she felt.
Next day morning when she came upstairs she asked do you have more such movies, I said yes and more advanced. she said can I please come and watch tonight too..This time I observed her shyness has gone and she was looking in my eye. Felt better that she is coming of her inhibitions.
Today again I told I will sleep upstairs and Rupa was at the door dot at one past midnight. Today we both were at ease. I straight away went to my chair and she straight went to bed and played the movie, I kept open. The room was as usual dark with the only light coming from the laptop. This was 3x movie and lot bolder scenes.I sat on the chair for 15 minutes and all this while couldn’t help observe the slim and sexy figure of my SIl in her night dress. she was in salwar kurta today but very thin material.
I tapped on her shoulder and she looked at me with surprise, I said my back is hurting would she mind if I lie down beside her on the cot and she said not at all and made space for me. It is a small cot and no place for laptop, me an her. So she lied on her tummy and put the laptop in front of her. I lied down beside her on my tummy facing the latop.So basically we both were watching the porn movie. The movie was one of the best 3x movies and I instantly had a hard on. I did realise Rupa was also breathing heavy.
After about five minutes I gently whispered , is the movie good. She smiled slightly and very cutely and said I never knew so many things can happen. Ramesh used to come straight to insertion ad ejaculate within a minute or so. I was shocked to see her boldness, may be the movie real eased her.I smiled and after another five minutes and after a real hot scene, I asked so you guys don’t do any foreplay. She said no ways our whole sex ends within five minutes and smiled again. I also felt bit ease know and asked again did he never go down on you or did you never give suck him.
She bent her head down in shyness and shake her head saying NO.I said that’s really sad but now you would be able to enjoy with a chuckle.She went serious and said I am not sure bavagaru, as I had never done this before and don’t know if I take the lead what happens if I don’t do the right things..We both were breathing heavily now and I dot know what made me do it but I kept a hand on her shoulders and said don’t worry it will be ok. Neither did I remove my hand nor she objected. After another ten minutes of hot scene I by human nature slid my hand down to her back and started gently moving my hand , hen I said to her you should at least know how it feels in foreplay even if you are touched on the tummy.
She didn’t say anything and was till watching the movie. I didn’t understand whether she was ok or not but I still went ahead and lifted her salwar (top part of the indian dress) an placed my hand on her bare back. She seemed to shiver a bit but didn’t object, encouraged I slowly moved my hand around her back and moved it up above her bra hooks , still she was watching the movie. I slowly slid my hind to her front to cup her breasts above her bra. I was having a hell of a erection and she for the first time looked a me directly in my eye. I said I will stop if you don’t want. She kept a serious face and looked back at the movie. Girls! why are they never straight? I kept massaging her soft 32D boobs over her bra and can instantly feel her nipples getting erect and tearing out of her thin bra. Now I can see her closing her couple of times and gulping and trying hard to concentrate on the movie.
I unhooked her bra and was massaging her whole bare back, I slightly pushed her to hint that it would be better if she lies down on her back, she did so and placed the laptop near her head in the little place available on the cot. Now I had full access to her young boobs. I slowly started bringing my hand down to her navel and circled it with my fingers , it sent a shiver through her body but she still looked sideways towards the laptop.The movie again had a very steamy scene and I could not time it better to slide my hands below her navel. She got startled and looked at me. I said I just want you to know how it feels, if you feel not ok let me know. For the first time after I started touching her, the smile was back on her face and she looked back at laptop. I slid my hand on top of her panty and immediately can feel the wetness, now I knew the reason behind her smile.
I slid the fingers inside the panty and felt the soft bush over her pussy. As I slid deeper she couldn’t control it anymore and let out suppressed moan and said bavagaruuu..I don’t know why but I bent down to kiss her on the lips and even though she didn’t respond but didn’t turn away too. I started sliding my finger in and out of her wet pussy now. and she opened her eyes and looked at me,,I asked does it feel good..she just managed a week yes…I slowly increased the fingering speed and then bent down again to kiss her an this time she responded equally biting my lips off…and grabbing my shoulders with both her hands….
After about ten minutes I felt her reaching orgasm and I increased the speed more. Her finger nails dug into my back and she kissed me harder and I could feel her whole body shiver and I can feel the wet juices flowing out of her pussy making my whole hand wet. Obviously this was the first orgasm of her life and when she opened her eyes it seemed she was coming off a very nice dream. I quickly smile and went first into the washroom to wash my hands. She followed and came out after ten minutes. I was wondering if we will ever have a normal conversation again. She silently left the room and I dozed off on the bed.
Next day morning I was pretty sure Rupa wont be there to give me coffee but lo here she was and she asked casually did you sleep ok yesterday. I said yes thinking she was trying to act as if yesterday night didn’t happen so I was playing the same game. but then she said I will come again tonight. That was bit of shock for me, We dint speak much for the rest of day expect the usual in front of all.Night one she was there on time in front of my room upstairs.
I had the movie all set and hoped that some way down the movie we can repeat what happened yesterday but I got the shock of my life when Rupa came in and started taking of her salwar and kurta and then sat on the cot in her bra and panty. I had a immediate erection, quite noticeable from my shorts. She looked at me and said I know this is wrong but I never felt like what I was felt yesterday and I don’t know how to stop it. please promise me this will never reach a third person and will not effect the relation between you and my sister. I said I have enough sense not to let those thing happen. She relaxed and lied on the bed and played the movie. But today I didn’t have to wait for the movie to start and I got to business straight away.
As o was fingering her and she got wet I took out the finger and asked her do you want to taste it? She gave me a horrified look but then I surprised her by licking the finger , I again inserted the finger in her pussy and took out and offered to her..and this time she licked it and smiled at me..And next before she can stop me I had my tongue down to her pussy and she was in seventh heaven. In about twenty minutes she had a big orgasm and I was drinking the juices off her pussy. I took some in my lips and kissed her and shared her juices with her. Then she said can I also lick you down? I asked are you sure..an she said after getting so much joy it would be shameful if I didn’t do anything on my part and this way I will also get some practice.I immediately took my cock out of my shorts and she at first looked a bit shocked to see her bavagaru cock in front of her but gathered courage and started licking it.
I taught her how to roll her lips and how to fondle my balls and she was doing hell of a good job..In about fifteen minutes I was about to come and told her so, to my shock she said its ok and I released my whole load inside her mouth.She gagged a bit and tried to swallow the rest. We both were exhausted and then I said do you really mean you want to return my favour? She said I just did so and I complained that’s not enough, I also want something more an she said no bavagaru we cant have full sex. I said I am not asking for that.She smiled and said anything else is ok with me , I said think again.She said I promise.
I said well I want to click nude pictures of you as my lifetime memories. She didn’t see this coming and was shocked. I said its ok if you don’t want to. Then she looked at me and said I cannot say no to you now but the onus lies on you that these pictures stay with you till you die.I smiled and took out my camera and clicked pictures of her with all juicy pussy and erect nipples. We also pictured we sucking each other. These were the golden moments and my life time treasure. We used to have our fun filled nights for one more week and then Rupa went to her inlaws far more wiser than she was a week before.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hi friends …I wish everyone having their own fun here studying the erotic stories. I am bharath from Hyderabad working as an employee for an automobile company. I had completed my masters recently and had joined this job three months back. Iam 5.8 and fair looking good and more over still virgin. I live alone at my room and it’s making a problem for me to complete all my work early so iam looking for a maid who works with very honest. So I have one of my colleague named Swathi(she is too horny with awesome structure and I will post that story in my next episode) she is working as an HR for our company and she stays near to my room so took her support in search of a new maid. She said that we have a maid named Priya who is working at our home and she works very honestly and sincerely.
So I asked her to how much I need to pay her so that she said 1500 pm in reply. So plz send her to my room tomorrow morning so that I can speak with her. Then she said k and left.Good morning sir Swathi madam had sent me here for work sir. Then I had a glance at her from top to bottom once and I was thinking in my mind the she would be around 28 r 30 but when she said that she is 38 god I couldn’t believe it… and I started interviewing her…..Me: whats your name?Maid: priyankaMe: so how old r u?Priya: 38 sirMe: do u work very honest at my home Priya: yes sir. Do have faith on me sir Me: so what kind of work do u do?
Priya: cooking , washing, sweeping and all even your personal works also sir. She was uttering the last words with a little bit naughtily.Me: personal means?????????????????????Priya: sir it will understand to u slowly to u.Me: so what should I pay u?Priya:2000 pm n separate for your personal works is that k sir….Ok then start ur work from tomorrow I said and moved to my office.
Swathi came and she asked about the maid whch she sent in the mrng. i said that she was good and demanded 2k for month and also some thing that personal works she charges separate that I could not understand then swathi smiled and said that your lucky enough to get such a maid… here the story follows.Daily priya used to come in the morning around 7 and completes her work by 9 and she makes her move and then comes back in the evening after 8 and cooks food for me and goes back to swathis home where she stays. most of the time I did not observe priya but one Saturday which was an holiday for me i and swathi made a party last night in my room and the room was very shattered and she came and seen the room that was in an horrible position she asked sir do u even have the habit of drinking then I replied that yes in very rarely we drink that to in my room so she asked who was your partner then I saidur Swathi madam . priya was astonished to listen her madam name and she asked does her mam drinks alcohol then I said s of course.
Then she said sir iam having a small doubt sir can u plz tell me correctly then she asked me that does Swathi madam maintains any sexual relationship with you then I was shocked by her question and I said plz don’t say it to anyone outside and yes we fuck both regularly in office and in my room. Then she laughed and completed her work and she left.She came in the night @ 8 and she asked me to put some telugu channel to watch some serial and I asked her to prepare my dinner first so she went to kitchen and put some rice and dal in the cooker and she came back to watch serial. Rain started outside and it was raining heavily and it was not getting slow down
So I asked priya to complete her dinner in my room and stay back in my room for this nyt. Then she said Swathi madam will scold me if I would not be in the house by 9 so if that is the problem I will inform her and tell that I will send u in the morning.Then we washed ourselves and had dinner and watching some English movies there some horny scenes which were making the weather very hot so I asked priya to make a bed down to my bed and sleep then I turned off tv and lights in my room and slept.
During two in the nyt I woke up for water and found priya in a slutty way where she was sleeping and I cant believe it she was that much beautiful she was sleeping without covering any blanket r even her saree. She made her blouse buttons opened so that she can feel the air and I was able to see her black colour bra and her cleavage was making me my man hard again. Her legs were glowing in that lighting. I jus came side to her and started touching her legs
Slowly I was caressing her body she was in a deep sleep then slowly I came up and removed her remaining buttons and now god I cant believe that she was having a beautiful pair of BOOOOOOOOOBS may be a size of 36 and I started pressing them slowly and I can feel the magic in that night. Slowly I came down to her navel and I lost my control and slowly I inserted my hand in to her saree and I can feel an wet undy inside so that I came to an assumption that she has some sexual feelings so I touched her down and she suddenly woke up and I was got red handed and she asked me wat r u doing beside me and she looked herself and found her blouse buttons were unhooked and she stood up and asked me sir what r u doing to me and I will inform to swathi mam. I begged her her not to say anything what happened here.
She started crying and I slowly covered her from back and now I can see her cleavage more beautiful but she was crying and slowly I turned to her and started talking to her that I will give what ever u want and do what ever u want in my room and then I came near to her face and gave a smooch to her lips and now she was little bit giving response back so that I started the game I planted a kiss on her lips for more than 15min and slowly came down and removed her blouse and started pressing those huge boobs and came down! and removed her saree and her petticoat and now she is only with black panty n bra and she was feeling shy in front of me and covered her face with her hands and I told her dont feel shy priya now we sexual partners so dont feel any shy k.
She came towards me and removed my tshirt and my boxers and I was only with my undies down and I asked her to take my hood in to her mouth and make a blowjob for me so that she said I cant do it because till now I didn’t do it so I dont know how to do. If so that’s not a big matter common I will teach u all the new things and I took her hand make her to catch my hood into her hand and it was very small with 5 inches and slowly it started erected and growing bigger
I asked to open her mouth and I inserted my dick into her mouth and asked her to lick it like a lollipop and started doing it without any hesitations and her mouth was full with my dick and she was unable to breathe even i was pushing my dick till her throat and removed I made it for 20min and then asked priya to lay down on bed and made her to sleep at a corner and I removed her bra and panty and found a beautiful treasury inside and feel that this structure is not of any 38 yr olds aunty but it looks like an sweet teenage virgin girls structure. And I asked priya to adjust herself and put my mouth on her pussy which was cleanly shaved and already wet and she got a current wave passed in her body and started licking the total pussy and priya was moaning loudly bharatah bharath baaa abaaa baaaa abba abbaaaa abbabbabbabba…………………………..
She could not control herself and ejaculated her total sperms out and we took a 10 min break and we both took some fruit juices which were made by priya and then came back to bed and I can see lust in priyas eyes and I made her sleep on the bed and I came top of her and took my position to insert my dick in to her most awaiting pussy. I slowly made a move in to her pussy but it was tight enough and it was paining priya and she was crying for the pain and I made slow! jerk and inserted my total pennies into her pussy and she was dying for the pain and she was not in a control of the pain I stopped for a while keeping my dick inside itself and priya was shouting for the pain because my dick was 10 inch long and much broad so that the pain would be common and I slowly pressed her boobs and sucked the nipples and baited them then after 10 min I started fucking priya and now she can able to bare the pain and she was allowing me to come inside and then I made to fro motion easily and I can feel the heat & lust in priyas pussy.
I increased the speed and pumped her pussy and she was moaning continuously in telugu dengu bhaarath dengu nannu baaga dengu na 18 yrs nunchi daachukunna pookulo nee pedda modda petti baaga denga ra inka loopala petti dengu kaavalante naa guddalo kuda dengu but aapaku dengutune undu bharathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… and making me horny and fucked her for nearly 40min and released my sperms in her mouth and she drank all t he juice and we continued fucking till 5 in the morning and slept till 7 and priya woke up got ready to go to swathis home for work and I asked her not to say anything that happened here in the night and she laughed and said I had already said u that I will charge even for ur personal works also than I came to know abt prsnl wrk means then y did u afraid me in the night and y did y cried in the night means she said that nothing just I want to check how much ur scared that’s it and u can use me any time when i am here and she asked a question which was much typical one for me that who is the best one to fuck its me r that swathi and whom do you feel fucking comfortable…….

For this ans you need to wait till my second post guys and there r many more episodes between me and priya and swathi and priyas beautiful daughter swapna….Thanks to everyone for reading this story and hope everyone enjoyed reading this story and hope u give comments and make your suggestions to my mail http://static.vashme.com/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=148&cb=6727&n=af4cfba4