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Friday, 28 June 2013


My pinni name is Suchtra, she was 5 foot 2 inch in height, slim and looking attractive and she is friendly with me and my babai is a business man, he used to wander here and there and last year my pinni got low bp last year and used to get unconscious when she was under much tensions.So, my babai asked me to stay in house and there house was triple bedroom flat in the house only I and my pinni are staying and my babai used to stay 3-4 days in a month her age was nearly 40 but looks like 25 years old daily.I used to go to college for the first six months there was no sex feeling on my pinni. My pinni used to sleep in the master bedroom by late night after talking with my babai on mobile, if I sleep in her bedroom there will not be any privacy to her to talk with his husband.so, I used to sleep in children bed room and one fine day she was afraid due to some dream from that day she also used to sleep in children bed room, after talking with babai and one fine night I got awake in midnight by 1:30 in children bed room the two beds were arranged on either opposite side walls.When I awake my pinni kept her hand into her saree on seeing me awake she removed hand pretended like sleeping, by that time my sex feeling on her was started. I also just pretended like sleeping, after some time she again kept her hand into saree and rubbing on vagina.I never seen my pinni before like that from 2 months my babai was not came to home, so, I thought she was feeling more horny due to more sex gap and one day my pinni's father and his friend came there, that night they slept in children bedroom, and me and my pinni slept in master bedroom in midnight.I got awake and not getting sleep, as it is bed light and the light was too dim, I am getting horny on seeing her, she was in deep sleep. She used to wear only saree and that night her saree came up to knee and pallu was little bit aside and can see her breast little bit not full, she is in sleep.She don't know what is her position on bed I was unable to control myself, we are very near on bed, her breath is touching on my face. I dared to touch her and she was sleeping i a manner that her buttocks up and facing breast down.I just kept my hand near her thy, then slowly I moved my towards down her thy to touch vagina, she was in deep sleep, so she didn’t get much sense then slowly I raised my finger to touch her vagina on saree then slowly I started rubbing on it after 15 minute.She got sense and wake up from sleep and refused me then she scold me, and I said sorry I said that I go tempted on seeing her on the bed. She said ok and don’t repeat it again and don’t say to anybody then next day she slept in master bed room.She said to sleep in her bedroom, but I refused it and said i will sleep in children bedroom at 11 o clock she came and slept on my bed, in children bedroom the cot were single cot, the space is comfort for only one person but she also came and slept on my bed.After an hour I thought it was the right time to touch her as it is tight to sleep two persons on this single cot, both of our bodies were in contact then I kept my hand on her vagina, she didn’t replied anything so, I started rubbing, as she was in hunger of sex.She didn’t said an thing her breath started raising, then I got courage and kept kiss on her lips then she opened her and I eyes, I was just afraid then she said I was in very much hungry of sex I like what you want to do, your babai didn’t touched me since one and half year.Then I asked her that babai had came to home 3 months ago no? Then he didn’t did anything? Then she replied that  his penis is getting just after inserting 5 seconds, it not even passing 2 inches and then I said I will made free from sex hungry, then I kept my lips on her mouth and sucked for 10 min.Then she said it is too tight and we go to our master bedroom. After we entered into master bedroom I started pinching on her waist kissing on her neck and smoothing her body after 10 min and I removed her blouse, her armpit hair was 2 inch long.I pressed her breast hardly and I pinched nipple, the nipple was in gold color rubbed and smoothed as I like and then after and I slowly removed her saree and lunga and she was naked before me for the first time and immediately.I started licking her cunt after 3 minutes and the juice from her cunt is flowing like river after 15 min. She asked me that she had never sucked penis in her life and she asked that she will suck my penis, then I asked you not yet sucked babai penis?She replied that he never gave a chance for suck and he directly stats fucking, after fuck he directly goes into sleep, his penis is thin 4” long only and I thought it was the big penis, I not yet seen the others penis when erected, yours is long and nearly 2” thick.I said ok suck she kept my penis inside her mouth and started moving head front and back after 10 min. I laid her on bed I rubbed on her this then I kept my penis near her vagina, she directed my penis to her cunt, as it is first time for me.First I pushed a little my penis entered up to head into her cunt, she cried ahhhhh your’s is so fat please remove and she cried then I removed, then she said you’d is so fat your babies is half in this and then again and I kept hand on her cunt and started rubbing, after a while juice is coming out.I positioned my penis at her cunt, and I gave a push only my penis head was entered, she said its little paining, but I didn’t listened her, and gave another push total 7” penis entered into her cunt, then she was moaning like anything after two hours of fuck session.We both get orgasm both of us satisfied and she said to me that your babai was waste, he know only to earn money, but not satisfying wife. I will give you chance to fuck whenever you get mood, till your marriage, after that you enjoy with your wife

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