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Monday, 1 July 2013


Iam a 22 year old guy.Shyama is one of my girlfriend.Shyama told this story to me. It is about her close friend Nithi.Nithi is a beautiful girl.But her chest is flat(or very small breast).But she have a good backside.The incident happened in the college.
One day Shyama found Nithi crying. She asked nithi for the reason. She told that blood was coming from her vagina. Shyama surprised by understanding that it was nithi's first menace.

Even at that age she did not have one. Shyama tried to explain her about that phenomenon.But she was a silly girl. Atlast she had to call the teacher Ramyasri. Ramyasri's age is 35.Beautiful face with specs. Her figure is very good. Thin body,but medium breasts.

Then a strike was started in the college.Ramyasri teacher told shyama to go home. She also told her that she will explain everything to Nithi. Shyama went home. Ramyasri took nithi to staff room. Shyama understood what happpened their only after 2 weeks. Nithi told her what happened that day only after 2 weeks.

That day Ramyasri brought nithi to staffroom.Then nithi told her problem.Ramyasri told her to come to staff bathroom. Ramyasri closed the door. Nithi was wearing a uniform white shirt and red skirt. Ramyasri ordered her to lift the red skirt. She was shy.

Then Ramyasri forcily lifted her skirt and petticoat. Teacher saw her light yellow colour panty with blood staints.Ramyasri then expalined her everything about it. After that nithi began to leave the room.
Then Ramyasri asked her to come near her. Teacher told that more explanation needed in the matter. She asked to nithi to remove her shirt and skirt.Nithi was in only in her white petticoat. Ramyasri then forcely remoed the petticoat. Nithi has very very small breasts. Nipples was lengthier. Ramyasri pinched the nipples. Then she removed slide down nithi's panties. Nithi was bushy.

Ramyasri brought a chair into the bathroom and ordered nithi to sit in it. She lifted nithi's one leg and widened the other. She forcely entered her liittle finger into nithi's small hole. Nithi cried due to the pain. More blood came from her pussy. Ramyasri wiped the blood with her towel.Then she entered her middle finger into the hole and circled. Nithi had her first orgasm.Ramyasri wiped that with nithi's yellow panty. The panty was fully wet. Nithi was moaning. Ramyasri lifted her plain rose color sari and red color skirt. She was wearing a light blue color panty. Funny thing was that her panty has pictures of donald duck and micky mouse like small children. Crotch area of the panty was wet. She slid down her panty upto the joints of her leg.

Then lifting the sari and skirt she pissed in the bath room. Strong stream of water came. Tired Nithi watched the stream of water coming from the thick bush. Then Ramyasri helped nithi to wear the dress. But Ramyasri did not give her the wet yellow panty. She told that she would keep it. She also asked her to come for tution in her hom

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